bzw header ring  Self-catering kitchen in the Saw

Selbstversorgerküche in der Säge

Cook for yourself!

The self-catering kitchen is situated in the house called „Säge“ (saw).

Here is how the kitchen looks like.

What it offers:

  • a large gas hob and oven (4 flames, suitable for big post and pans) incl fume hood
  • an additional gas cooker for especially large pans (beside the gas stove)
  • a dish washer
  • a sink
  • a large refrigerator
  • a lot of work space, plenty of storage above and below

You can access the kitchen from three sides:

  • from the big hall (often used as dining hall)
  • from a working room (there is also a small toilet for a kitchen team)
  • from outside

Beside the big gas cooker you can directly access a separate room for storing your food.

Kitchen equipment is included in the price for the kitchen. We provide everything you need for catering for a camp. If you need special tools and equipment, please ask in advance.

Dishes can also be borrowed on request.

Enjoy your meals!