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Schloss Laxenburg (Foto: flickr/Alfred Diem)
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Culture and a boat ride

Laxenburg and its huge park, the old castle, the “Blauer Hof”, the romantic “Franzensburg” and a few more historic buildings are considered to be a showpiece of the horticulture of the 18th/19th century. Its roots go back to the 13th century.

Besides its buildings a stay at the park will guarantee that you enjoy the day. The boat rental at the castle’s pond is an all-time highlight. There’s also a public bath and a mini-golf court.

Opening times

The park is open all-year and all-day. From Easter till beginning of November the boat rental and the Franzensburg ferry are open.

Also have a look at the event calendar at their web site.

You can also book a guided tour through the park, through Franzensburg or even “Up to the high tower and the roofs”.


Park entry:
Adults: € 2.30, Children up to 14yrs: € 1, additionally for a guided tour: Adults: € 10, Children: € 5

Franzensburg (only with a guided tour):
Adults: € 10, Children from 3 to 18yrs: € 6
Group tickets (incl. ferry and/or mit Fähre und/oder observation train, from 10 people) – book in advance.

How to get there

By foot it will take you quite long. It’s about 14km.

By car it’s 25mins.

By public bus: walk down the road from BZW to the fire brigade’s house at Weissenbach, take line 364, direction Mödling, get off at the final stop “Bahnhof Mödling” (find a timetable in the welcome booklet at our office). There change to line 215, get off at „Laxenburg Franz-Joseph-Platz“ stop, from there it’s a 5mins walk to the main entrance. The connections are ok, the trips will take you about an hour.

Our verdict

We definitely recommend it, worth a day-out. There are so many options, we are sure you will enjoy!