bzw header ring  Voluntary maintenance assignment at the Biosphärenpark Wienerwald

Biosphärenpark-Pflegeeinsatz / Foto: BPWW, Drozdowski

Help to preserve a protected area

Your group is our guest in the Wassergspreng National Scout Center and you would like to spend a day with an environmental project and help with the preservation and conservation of a natural resort?

The “Biosphärenpark Wienerwald” needs many volunteers to care fot the various habitats, for example dry grassland and marsh areas. Both of these need a lot of maintenance work to prevent reed and wood from recapturing them.

In a group you can really make a difference and additionally have a lot of fun!

Interested? Get in touch with the Wassergrpreng center team. We will assist you to get in contact with the management of the biosphere reserve to sign up for a voluntary maintenance assignment (please do this a couple of weeks before your arrival as the assignment needs some planning in advance!).

Thank you!