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Are you a geocacher yet?

Yes? Well, then you know what’s waiting for you! You don’t know what geocaching is? It doesn’t matter, you will enjoy anyways 🙂

The Wassergspreng center offers you a photo treasure hunt. We have taken 16 little details at the center (just inside the center’s limits). You can download further instructions from here.
Find those details, answer the questions, note down the numbers and calculate using the formula. You will get coordinates in the end – and surprise, surprise – you will find the treasure easily! If you don’t have a GPS device (or a smartphone with GPS functionality) just drop by at our office. A staff member will tell you if your calculations are correct and help you to find the treasure.

Please leave a message in the logbook after you found the cache – it is a large plastic box. You will find inside a pencil, logbook, magnets (please do not remove!) and several items for swapping. Take one of them if you want and replace it with another item (no rubbish, please!). For the first one who finds the cache a BZW badge is waiting for you and a voucher for a drink at the Saftladen BZW bar. Sometimes you might even find one or the other present in the box at the cache…

Please hide the box as you found it! If anything is damaged or wet with the treasure box please let us know.

Good luck finding the cache!

PS: This is not an official cache you can find at, because it is located on a private property.