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Beachvolleyball (Foto: PPÖ/Robert Schenkenfelder, PLANET'13)
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Public bath, Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Ice skating etc.

At the sports center there is an outdoor swimming pool with an area for small children, slides, a beach volleyball court (you need to book), a trampoline and a tennis court. Besides there is an indoor swimming pool incl. whirl pool and small slide, as well as a wellness area, and from December on an ice rink.

Opening times

Indoor swimming pool September to May Tue to Fri
Sat, Sun, public holidays
09:00 to 21:00 hrs
08:00 to 20:00 hrs
Open air swimming pool May to September Mon to Fri
Sat, Sun, public holidays
09:00 to 21:00 hrs
08:00 to 21:00 hrs
Ice rink From December on Tue to Fri
Sat, Sun, public holidays
09:00 to 17:50 hrs
10:30 to 17:50 hrs
10:00 to 17:50 hrs


You can buy tickets for just an hour up to a whole day. Adults pay from € 2,40 up to € 7, Children € 1,50 to € 3,40, Youth € 1,90 to € 5.
There are group tickets (-25% off the children’s tariff, adult advisers are free)
Please find the updated price list on their web site.

How to get there

By foot it is pretty far, along the main road it will take you 1.5hrs

By car it’s about 15mins

By public bus: walk down the road from BZW to the fire brigade’s house at Weissenbach, take line 364, direction Mödling, get off at „Badstraße“ stop (find a timetable in the welcome booklet at our office). The ride is about 20mins

BZW team tip

If you plan to go there with a big group please let the bus operator know in advance.

Our verdict

It takes some time to get there, but once there you will enjoy your stay.