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Biggest underground lake in Europe

The “Seegrotte” at Hinterbrühl is a disused plaster mine with Europe’s largest subterranean lake (6,200sqm). After a natural disaster in 1912 the mine got flooded with 20 million liters of water. That’s how the lake came about. During your visit you will enjoy a walk through a fantastic labyrinth of corridors and halls as well as a boat ride on the lake. It is open all year round.

Opening times and guided tours

see website for more information

The waiting time for guided tours is up to 20 minutes.
Guided tours including boat ride will take 45 minutes.


see website for more information

How to get there

By foot via Kröpfelsteigstraße you are at Seegrotte in about 45mins.

By car it’s about 8 minutes.

By public bus: walk down the road from BZW to the fire brigade’s house at Weissenbach, take line 364, direction Mödling (find a timetable in the welcome booklet at our office). The bus ride takes about 10mins.

Wassergspreng team tip

Please don’t forget to take warm clothes also in summer. The temperature is a constant 9°C in the mine.

Our verdict

Great day-out, we definitely recommend it!